Longer, thicker, and more beautiful eye lashes! Misencil eyelash extensions add length and thickness to your lashes without causing harm to the sensitive eye area or to your natural lashes.

We offer a variety of eyelash extensions and techniques to suite the shape of your eyes, your face, and the effect you desire.

Eyelash Extensions Full Set 120 min / $150

Brighten and enlarge the appearance of your eyes with a full set of natural eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions require regular maintenance every 3-4 weeks. Over 4 weeks without a fill may require a new full set.

Lash Fills

Touch-up your eyelash extensions to keep them lush and long. Extensions do fall out as your natural eyelashes shed.

30 Minutes
45 Minutes
15 Additional Minutes
Lash Fill packages

3 Fills (30min each)
6 Fills (30min each)
9 Fills (30min each)
12 Fills (30min each)