Sea Salt Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliation procedure, which is suitable for treating many conditions including: fine lines, wrinkles and furrows, poor skin tone and texture, acne and acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, sun damaged skin, blocked pores and can help to tone enlarged pores.

Most clients notice an improvement in the texture and appearance of the skin immediately after the first treatment and the long-term benefits of multiple procedures can be remarkable. A single phase of Sea Salt Microdermabrasion can be added to any facial treatment as an enhancement or can be booked as it’s own service for greater results.

Sea Salt Microdermabrasion 60 min / $110

For medium to severe conditions. A series is recommended for those who wish to lessen the appearance of deep lines, scars or pigmentation and want heightened results. Includes 3 phases of microdermabrasion, serum, cream, and hydrating mask.