Organic Facials

Using natural raw ingredients, each organic facial is handmade for your skin type and specific skin condition.

Hair Removal

We offer painless hair removal and esthetic services including natural resin waxing and electrolysis.

Non-Toxic Nailcare

We use natural scrubs and safe, water-based salon quality polish that promotes healthy skin and nail growth.

Currently located in Manotick, we will soon be moving and opening a new larger spa and wellness center in Manotick Village.

We offer natural skin care treatments and esthetics that support wellness of the skin and health of the client. We not only treat the skin, but treat the whole body and the whole person to help you achieve beautiful and healthy skin by using the best organic skin care products and results-focused treatments.

Many conventional spa services and products contain ingredients linked with health and environmental concerns, including cancer, reproductive disorders, asthma and severe allergies, reproductive system, fetal development and hormone disruption.

All our products are free of synthetic or petroleum derived ingredients, fragrances, dyes, animal by-products, nor have they been tested on animals. Our treatments are non-invasive and gentle to your skin.

Located in Manotick Peppermint Organic Spa provides organic facials, skin care treatments, esthetics, water-based manicures, pedicures, electrolysis and natural resin waxing services that include natural, raw and organic ingredients.

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